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Benefits of renting your stall mat from us

Our light weight (7/8” thick) interlocking stall mats provides your show horse with unrivalled protection and comfort: “cushioning your equine investment”. For example when getting up and down there is protection for their hocks and provides a “shock” absorber when standing.

Thanks to their specific resilience and surface design, each mat absorbs and distributes the horse’s weight over a large surface. They also help keep your horses in good health by providing them comfortable and safe footing to ease undue strain on their ligaments, tendons and joints.

  • Each mat has interlocking tabs that fit and hold tightly with each other to prevent slippage in stall.
  • Each mat has a textured surface that is resistant to urine and bacterial growth. The mats will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Your feet get sore walking on asphalt. Why wouldn’t your horses feet?
  • Rest is required for peak athletic performance. Allow your horse a cushioned environment to rest so they can perform at their peak.
Interlocking Mats Interlocking Mats

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